Unlock the Mystery of Prosperity with

Wealth Codes


In the vast tapestry of the universe, each of us holds a unique pattern: a specific set of energetic embodiments that, once recognized and harnessed, opens doors to unparalleled prosperity.

Most people unknowingly tap into their wealth codes through pure chance every now and then…

Think about those amazing opportunities that have suddenly landed in your lap, without having to work any harder or go chasing after them…

Here would be an example of you being tapped into your wealth code 

Now imagine this kind of flow being your new normal, rather than a ‘lucky spell’ that happens a few times per year. 

At the intersection of mysticism and reality, we present to you: Wealth Codes.

Who is the Wealth Codes Journey For? 

For souls on the brink of greatness yet tethered by invisible chains.

Those yearning to elevate the quality of opportunities, wealth, and clientele but find themselves battling invisible barriers.

If you've faithfully followed 'proven strategies' yet remain trapped, this quest is for you.

Infused with enchantment, love, and a whisper of the cosmos, Wealth Codes promises more than just growth—it pledges a transformation. Our clientele's results are not mere testimonials; they're echoes of magical realities crafted by this very journey.

What’s involved:

 A potent 12 week 1:1 journey of tailor-made energy healing, subconscious re-programming & wealth code insight & activation with Danielle

 A clear & concise write up of your wealth blueprint and strategy & how to best activate & utilise it

 A bespoke and concrete plan with strategic and tangible action steps for the next three months to help you achieve desired goals

 Access to Danielle on WhatsApp for 12 weeks for support

The Journey

Week 1-2: The Awakening

  • Objective: Discern the energetic misalignments.
  • Dive deep into understanding the dormant energy centers within you. 
  • Gain profound insights into the codes you’ve inadvertently been tapping into and discern the missteps.

Week 3-4: The Cleansing 

  • Objective: Purge the old to welcome the new.
  • Experience a blend of meticulous energy work and subconscious reprogramming tailor made to your transformation
  • Clear out existing misalignments to usher in your unique wealth code

Week 5-6: The Wealth Code Revelation 

  • Objective: Unearth and Embrace Your Distinct Wealth Codes.
  • Delve deep into the heart of your unique energetic blueprint.
  • Master the sacred ritual of activation, illuminating paths to opportunities tailored solely for your essence.

Week 7-8: Strategy

  • Objective: Marry Earthly Action with Celestial Insight.
  • Develop a  concrete & strategic plan tailor made specifically to you. This includes a unique sales, marketing and social media blueprint that works in accordance with your wealth code

Week 9-10: Evolution of the Self

  • Objective: Transform into the Ideal Vessel for Wealth Codes.
  • Engage in coaching sessions, guiding you to evolve into the version of yourself, perfectly attuned to harness wealth codes.
  • Witness the profound metamorphosis not just internally, but in the tangible world around you, as your refined self effortlessly unlocks abundance and endless opportunities.

Week 11-12: Future roadmap

  • Objective: Ensure continual growth and blossoming.
  • The creation of a specialised roadmap channeled just for you to  guide your steps for the next three months to ensure your wealth and opportunities continue to flourish.

Live schedule

You will book the calls directly through our online calendar upon purchase subject to mutual availability.

The sessions are totally tailored around you, so you just pick the time that best suits you!

£1697 GBP

Full Payment


£300 GBP

per month x 6 months