Dansrose Agency

Where passion meets prosperity & strategy meets spirit

As the premier agency for creatives and influencers, Dansrose Agency is where passion meets profit. Our dynamic approach focuses on recognizing your unique strengths and seamlessly turning them into the foundation of a prosperous creative empire.

Our portfolio showcases our wide-ranging expertise. We've successfully worked with professionals across various fields: tantric masters, interior designers, dancers, actors, super-models, digital agencies, coaches and real estate businesses.
Despite their diverse backgrounds, all our clients have experienced significant growth and success with our guidance. 

Our magic lies in our uncanny ability to capture your vision, refine it, and transform it into tangible results—because when dreams meet strategy, the outcome is unmistakably Dansrose.

Danrose Assets 

A 12-month service for anyone with a gift or talent that they can monetise, but require strategic coaching and step-by-step guidance on how to generate a steady flow of income and work with soul-aligned clientele. 

This is our ultimate program where strategy meets spirit. You’ll work closely with the Dansrose goddess gang to build your business from the ground up as if it is their own. 

Please note there is a rigorous application process for this format where you will need to prepare a proposal pitch to us as we will only admit 15 successful  applicants per year. 
You don’t need to have everything figured out, but you need to have what it takes to dream big, do the work and bring your business to life. 

With Dansrose Assets you will receive access and support from our team of experts on Brand Vision Building, Business Strategy, Goal Setting, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition. 

Who is this best suited for? 


Anyone with a creative gift or talent looking to translate into a profitable brand. You don’t necessarily need to meet a specific income requirement as we will work with you to build your business from scratch.

What will you receive?

  1. 8 x 1:1’s with agency owner Danielle to design your biz, products & services
  2. Full strategic support with branding, social media, sales and marketing
    Social media content done for you, by our creative team (two months worth)

  3. Social media growth done for you by our team to attract the right buyers/clients 

  4. 2 x Weekly group support calls

  5. 1 x in-person branding photoshoot

  6. A tangible business with profitable, consistent clients!

Dansrose Assets

£8,000 (50% scholarships available for chosen candidates at £4500 with payment plan of £375 per month x 12)

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